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We know that in your secret fantasy, you breeze through your day. Your clothes always fit you perfectly – never too loose or too tight. They look like they were made with you in mind and they took no effort to find. They feel comfortable. No, they feel fabulous. And subsequently, you feel fabulous.

We are here to make this fantasy your reality!

SwapIt was created to help busy women like you wake up in the morning feeling like they can take on the world. No more blank-staring at the closet. No more throwing ‘just anything’ on. No more leaving the house feeling less than your best. And you don’t need a $5000 shopping spree to make that happen. 

All you need is a $1 Shopping Support session with our talented stylist. She was once called a magical unicorn wizard by a very happy client. 

With our huge inventory of new-to-you clothing sizes XS-XL and a SwapIt stylist, no one will ever have outfit deficit disorder again. 

Shopping Support
  • What: 25 minutes with a professional stylist. You choose if you want help picking pieces or if you would rather have help in the dressing room creating outfits and getting style tips.
  • Where: SwapIt, 67 Holland Street Somerville, MA (Davis Square)
  • Who: You! And any woman who has ever struggled with shopping or creating an outfit they feel proud of. 
  •  How Much: $1 
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Stefanie Johnson used to live in fear of getting dressed everyday. My closet was crammed with clothes I never wore. Once in awhile, I would try them on to see if, maybe, this would be the day that I felt like they looked good on me. They ended up on the floor every time. I would finally throw on the outfit of least resistance and run out the door. I didn’t feel empowered. I felt stressed out. 

I also didn't feel like there was a solution that I could afford, or feel good about. Just buying more clothing wasn't the answer. Asking for help and swapping my clothes was. Enter SwapIt.