Swap Membership

You deserve a shopping experience that doesn’t ask you to compromise yourself, your budget or your values. 

SwapIt is a members-only store driven by a desire to make you feel good, help you find the right items, and create the looks that light you up. 

And if we can keep clothing out of landfills while doing it, even better!! 

1) Sign up for a Swap Membership

$197 for an entire year of swapping with us. 

2) Swap as many items as you want

It's a one to one swap. Bring in an item of women's clothes for us to keep, bring home an item from us to keep.

3) Repeat

Come in as often as you like, swap as many items as you want. Refresh your wardrobe whenever you want.

What's included in a Swap Membership

  • ​Clothing: Unlimited one-to-one swaps: give something up from your closet, get something new from our closet. Think of it as credits. Bring an item in and get a credit to bring an item from SwapIt home, including anything we post online.
  • ​Access: As we operate at limited capacity, be one of the few who can access our store to get new products and swap out pieces that are no longer working for you.
  • Exclusivity: Exclusive access to the store through private bookings. Come alone or invite up to four friends and have the store completely to yourselves. (Extra Charge)
  • Additional Discounts: 1​0% off anything SwapIt offers (products or services)
  • Money back guarantee: If you don't swap out five items in 90 days, you can receive a full refund. We offer this only because we know you will love it!
  • ​Feeling good on the inside: Shop your values. Support a woman owned, local business focusing on sustainability.  

Why SwapIt

We are a woman-owned local business that makes sustainable shopping an easy and affordable choice.

Schedule your one day pass and see if membership is right for you. 

This way we are able to provide women with full lives the chance to get a wardrobe you can feel good about and look great in without all the hassle of shopping.

Our Members Feel:

  • Sane: No over stuffed closets, nothing you don't wear because you can just bring it in for something better. 
  • Free: The chance to experiment with styles and looks because if it doesn't work out, you just bring it back and get something better!
  • Abundance: Access to a never ending variety of clothes that don't have to live at your house!
  • ​Ease: No tough choices, no price tags, no living with items you don't want! Take items home and if you wear them, great! If not, just bring them back and get something else. 
  • Transformation: A wardrobe that can keep up with your ever changing lifestyle!

So how do we give our members such a great experience?

Swapping + Thoughtful store layout + Personalized styling services 
= Swapping good results

Let's Break That Down...

Giving you the wardrobe you want, without the compromise

Our thoughtful store layout makes it easy to style your looks! 

We are everywhere helping you find looks that make you feel best! 

Three rotating racks: These racks change with the seasons or needs of our customers, allowing us to keep your choices fresh. The rotating racks could be a certain look of clothing like the color of clothes or all animal print, a type of item (i.e. formal dresses or pajamas), or something for the season (i.e. coats or beach cover ups). There is always something new to explore!

Shop the circle: This is circle of racks is always available and leads you to create an outfit. We start with racks of bottoms since those are the always the hardest to get right (a lot of your body needs to fit into one piece of clothing). Then it moves onto tops that you coordinate with the bottoms you just chose, dresses and lastly cardigans and blazers. We made a rack just for cardigans because we don't want them to be an afterthought. How many outfits have you put together that are so cute just to be ruined when you throw a sweater on it?? We want you to be able to pick the right third piece while picking the outfit. It's not a throw on, it's part of your whole look. 

Signage: We have signs all over the store to help you interpret sizes on pants, signs to ask questions to yourself before taking home a piece and sometimes even Shop This Look signs.

Not organized by size: This might take some getting used to, since it’s so different from traditional shopping, but trust us, it's better for you. As most of us have experienced, different brands size their products differently, so a medium at one store might be a small at another, and so on. We don't want you to miss out on great pieces just because it was sized differently than you were expecting. Our store is best for sizes 2-18. If you are looking 00, 20-22 or maternity click HERE

Our services:
Do It Yourself and Done For You options

(included with membership)

Swap Time: Come in and swap on your own

Facebook posts: Twice a week Facebook posts showcasing new items that members can reserve from the comfort of home

Done For You 
(available only to members)

Personal Swapper: Let us do the swapping for you! Whatever clothing you need, a special red sweater with black stripes or a few pairs of work pants, let us find them for you. It’s simple and easy. Fill out our online request form for as many items (or types of items) as you want. We scour our inventory, bag your items and place them in our 24 Hour Clothing Swap Box - you can grab them anytime! Swap back in whatever doesn't work for you. It’s the ultimate in convenience, style and sustainability.
Add Personal Swapper to your Swap Membership for just $199 annually. 

But Really Why Memberships? 
Because that's how we help you feel happy in your clothes.

Through our personal styling services, totally unique inventory and your can do attitude, we change the way women feel about their closets.  

But change doesn’t happen overnight, which is why this isn’t a ‘one and done' service. We’ve seen the results time and time again, and the women who reach their style (and life) goals are the ones who come back on a regular basis (just like joining a gym!).

It’s a process - one that allows you to make lasting, impactful changes on your wardrobe without breaking a sweat (or your wallet).

You don’t want to have just one or two outfits you love in your arsenal. That’s not what SwapIt is about. We don’t want you to feel amazing for one or two days out of the week - you should feel amazing Every Single Day.

That’s why we offer memberships, so you can continue adjusting and improving your wardrobe. And with it, your confidence.

You Have Lots of Clothes, A Busy & Fulfilling Life, and Are Ready to Shine Through

But you realized that it's not so easy to put together a wardrobe that meets all your needs...

  • Do you have more to do in life than just work on your wardrobe?
  • ​​Are you lost and confused about where to start when looking at your closet?
  • ​Do you have items hanging in your closet that you don't wear because you're not sure how?
  • Do you struggle with what to wear on a daily basis? To special events? 
  • ​Do you need help creating outfits that support and encourage you?
  • Do you like it when you look and feel confident in your clothes?

About Our Inventory

Looking and feeling your best while reducing textile waste is what SwapIt's all about. That's why our inventory covers all genres of clothing, all occasions from size 2 to18 (Looking for looking 00,20-22 or maternity? click HERE ). We have everything from Forever 21 to Burberry, we have well loved to new with tags.  

Clothing rack

We have over 700 items on the floor at all times. Each time you come in you will find something new.

fashion course

 We make sure the floor stays fresh. We constantly hang new items and change the theme of our racks to ensure you get new ideas, and clothing for all occasions.  

personal styling

Our diverse and always expanding inventory allows you to not have to sacrifice your budget or the environment. 

personal styling

We have styled over 400 women from ages 12 to 82.

fashion course

We have built a method to teach style that is easy and effective. Our lookbooks and style charts are changing the way women get dressed.

Clothing rack

Our diverse and always expanding inventory is allowing our customers to not have to sacrifice their budget or the environment. 

Booking your trial (aka Swap Pass)

1) Click the yellow button to book an hour at the store 
2) Bring in up to 10 items from your home 
3) Bring home up to 10 items from our store

It's a one for one clothing swap.

Passes are $25.
 If you decide to purchase a full membership with in 24 hours of your trial, $25 will be taken off the full membership price. 

 Appointments are required.  Due to COVID, no more than 5 people allowed in the store at one time. 

Very limited dates and times available. 

Want to book a private Swap Pass? Email us at style@aswappinggoodtime.com to set it up. 

Who We Are 

fashion show stefanie johnson

Stefanie Johnson, 
SwapIt Founder & CEO

We are a woman-owned local business that makes sustainable shopping an easy and affordable choice.

Our membership allows you to stay true to your wallet, your style, and -- most importantly -- your values.

Swapping in the time of COVID

Appointments are required for swapping. Only members can make an appointment. We let no more than 7 people in the space at a time.  

As things progress we hope to add more swapping availability. 

All we can tell you for sure is that if you stick with us, we will never stop providing you value. 

Whether we are able to have to store open more hours, or whether we are only able to be online you will be able to swap to your heart's content. 


Everything is included for just $197 
That's for the entire year! 

No stress, no mess, just a wardrobe that doesn't make you choose.

And don't forget about our 90 day money back guarantee. If you don't swap 5 items in 90 days you can request a full refund. No questions asked, but we only offer this because we are confident you are going to love it! 

  • If you have no time and energy to waste deciding if you like a piece of clothing...
  • If you have decision paralysis when putting items in your cart... 
  • ​If you have been burned by pushy sales people and expensive items...
  • If you hate living with bad choices...
  • ​If you don't love shopping...

Come in with pieces you don't love...

black A line skirt

leave with outfits you do! 

Our Swap Membership was made for you.

This $197 (annual membership) will change your relationship with shopping, clothes and your wardrobe. 

We Can't Swapping Wait to See You In!

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